What does Smart Working really mean?

Smart Working. Everyone’s talking about it, but what does it really mean? Here are all the answers to your queries: what it entails, the referral laws, how it works, the tools and much more! It’s an innovation you must discover!

Many think that Smart Working means adaptation to instruments, modernization of the layouts, setting up of home workstations or introduction of new regulations. Smart Working is not only these. It entails the undertaking of more complex organizational innovations.

Arianna Visentini, President and Founding Partner of Variazioni, gives a detailed illustration, of Smart Working in an article for the magazine Persone&Conoscenze the voice of the HR management, and biggest magazine in Italy for all those engaged in the management of groups of people (from the General Director to the Project Manager).  


Here below are some concepts in a nutshell:

What’s Smart Working?

There is still no clear definition for Smart Working in lawful terms. Very few norms mention it and however, mostly refer to it as an organizational practice.  


The legislative references

In Italy the reality of Smart WORKING appeared a few years ago, particularly in 2014, the year in which the bill on “flexible and simplified forms of smart working” was promulgated

How does it work?

The worker/associate can choose with greater freedom, the time and place most suitable to carry out his/her own service.  


Project Management and C.O.R.E.™ Method:

C.O.R.E.™ Management may be a suitable analysis and action tool, intervening in Cultural, Organisational, Regulatory and Economic areas.


And the tools?

Variazioni suggests six instruments that correspond to six various transitions for the implementation of Smart WORKING: Smart Index and Smart Readiness to determine when your business is ready; Smart Project and Smart Workshop to define the policy and bring the key resources onboard; and Smart Training and Smart Impact to furnish the people with smart competencies and measure the impacts of the new work mode to decide whether and how to proceed.  


Be happy, be smart

Smart is not only technology. Smart does not only mean working from home, and it is not just changing work schedules. Smart is not a shared desk, but a new place of freedom and sharing of objectives which people choose in full awareness to improve their own satisfaction, mutually agreeing to identify the rules and instruments.


These are just some of the key words, important concepts, and useful indications to choose the smart working path. 

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