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Variazioni Srl works with a unique method: every service is turned into a unique product, custom-tailored and turnkey for our clients. In fact, Variazioni Srl satisfies clients' needs by developing an ad hoc solution thanks to a prior background analysis, both at company and country level. Then the process is structured through goal setting, working-path definition, monitoring and management audit. Our goal is clear: we aim to create exceptional value, economic savings, satisfaction in terms of work-life balance.

What is our Mission? Simplify complexities

Variazioni Srl goes along with companies and people, through consulting solutions, training and services, in your Smart Working and welfare projects. We deeply believe that the company's wellness is a competitive advantage. Thus, our mission is to guarantee to our clients a return on investments in terms of Work-Life Balance, Wellness, Motivation, Human resources value, combined with savings on costs and staff management.

Our Project

Variazioni considers “smart” or flexible the work performed in the timeframe and place the workers choose within a regulatory framework agreed with the employer, to the greater satisfaction of both parties.

Thus for Variazioni SRL, a job is not smart because the employee works through a device or because the work is performed at night; but work is defined as smart when the free option of the employee is able to produce wellbeing: who else other than the worker knows which is the best place and moment to contribute to the company’s objectives and offer his/her best job performance?

Variazioni thus considers Smart Working and Work-Life Balance as two faces of the same coin: it is a matter of putting the worker and the company in the conditions to manage in the best and effective way possible, the new spaces and locations of independence. In this sense, the pursuit of the collaborators’ personal satisfaction cannot but result in increased productivity for the business.

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