Smart Working

Smart Working: Discover all the Advantages for companies and employees

What is Smart Working?

Smart Working, notably called as Agile Working or Flexible Working depending on the country itself, refers to rethink and redesign work practices in a smart way, by questioning the traditional outdated concept of "physical workplace", "working time", thanks to augmented responsibilities fulfilled thanks to shared trust, autonomies, flexibilities. Job performance is supported by technology, which helps in sharing real-time, dealing with issues and creating connections. Smart working offers a wide branch of advantages, both for the company and his workers. Thanks to this joint benefits, smart working results in augmented productivity, objectives fulfillment and shared results. For the companies, Smart working means to generate savings, useful for a further investment, to create new resources for growing, to foster employee's work-life balance.

Companies have developed satisfied and productive smart workers in the last few years

Companies save and innovative reducing absences, cutting costs, improving processes, increasing productivity

Managers are satisfied: 95% report constant productivity, increased motivation and improved relationship

People happy and productive: they save time and money, they improve their social well being and they are satisfied

Smart Working: Advantages for the companies:

  • Economic Savings: till 500 € for any Smart Worker
  • Lower operating costs: till 30% in spaces (e.g.: heating; electricity) 
  • Lower costs due to savings on business trips, food stamp, commuting allowance, etc. 
  • Higher productivity: till 20% combined with a decrease in absenteeism (work and disease permit) 
  • Higher available resources: useful for research and development investments and new vacancies creation 
  • Lower CO2 Emission: for 100 smart worker, who works remotely for 2 days per month, the savings count more than 13 ton.

Smart Working: Advantages for the employees:

  • Economic savings: till 780 € annual, if doing smart working 4 days per month
  • Time savings: more than 10 hours annual, if doing smart working 4 days per month Higher productivity and performance quality combined with undiminished career possibilities, salary and training 
  • Higher autonomies and flexibilities in the way the employees may choose time, place and technology to use 
  • Significative increase in life quality in terms of work-life balance



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Variazioni Methodology

Smart working is a long process, which entails different phases. The process is similar to any companies, but it differs a lot in terms of content. This change process should be tailored as much as possible to company's needs and values in order to be effective on business performance, as well as the employees and top management. Variazioni starts with an assessing phase (Smart Index and Smart Readiness) useful to create the project basis. After this the change management process starts with realization (Smart Project and Smart Workshop). The change process should be not only followed through, but also a training (Smart Training), monitoring (Smart Impact) and stabilization phase.

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