Smart Working Index

Smart Working Index Calculate whether your Company is ready for Smart Working

Smart Working Index is an interactive questionnaire of 26 items that indicate how ready your company is to introduce the Smart Working procedure. Smart Working Index calculates the mean rate for each area of the Smart Working intervention (economy, norms, corporate culture and organisation) and gives suggestions on how to improve your readiness level, while identifying the transitions needed to set up or consolidate the initiative.

Do you want to know whether you are ready to undertake the Smart Working experience? Smart Working Index, a free online tool developed by Variazioni in collaboration with Microsoft,  is simple and fast in highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your company. Smart Working is the key factor to the successful introduction to the company of the Smart Working experiments, and gives a clearer picture of the company’s capacities besides foreseeing the organisational setbacks to be faced, and the resources it can count on.  

Characteristics of Smart Working Index

How does Smart Working Index work?

Connect to the site, answer the 26 questions and calculate your corporate maturity with respect to the smart working theme.

Compilation time is of about 4-6 minutes.

Who has to fill out the Smart Working Index?

Smart Working Index can be filled out by any corporate officer. The answers given refer to the corporate organisation, as also the results obtained.

Why is Smart Working Index useful?

Smart Working Index serves to focus on the areas in which your company has to intervene, to design a project for the introduction of smart working suitable to the framework, thus with the certainty of reaching the expected results.

The results achieved by Smart Working Index

The companies that compile the Smart Index are able to face an experimental project or set up the smart working system with more awareness.

Smart Working is the Key to the work of the Future

Increase productivity

25% increase for each worker. According to more than 25% of the companies, 80% of the activities can be carried out outside the office.

Fewer Trips and Travel

Optimization of switching times, reduction of travel expenses and consequently lower environmental impact.

Optimization of Business Costs

€ 37 Billion between increase in productivity (+27M) and cost reduction (-10M) in Italy.

Employees Satisfaction

Free and empowered workers. Decreased stress, absenteeism and disease. Economic savings.

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