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Smart Working Project Designing the Smart Project in your Company

Smart Working Project consists of the auditing and designing of the Smart Working Policy implemented, and the support of the project team in defining the Smart Working milestones for the company. The characteristics of each business are related to the goods and production sectors, size, quality and efficacy of the organizational and technological tools, climate and leadership styles and quality of communication. Suitable choices have to made in relation to what smart working should be, the timeframes and spaces that can be created and made accessible to workers, and what procedures are to be activated.

Smart Working Policy consists of the procedure definition and adoption phases suitable for the experimentation and setting up of new flexible work models.

Characteristics of the Smart Working Project

What is the Smart Working Project?

  • The Smart Working Project is a consultancy audit path that guides the company in the definition of the Smart Working Policy, in the light of the results obtained at the initial assessment and readiness phase.
  • Through the Smart Working Project the company identifies the confines of the experimentation or systems set up of the Smart Working system for the company (objectives, instruments, procedures), and defines the standards and parameters for the choice of the smart workers, procedures and rules for access (including possible agreements, regulations, letters), and internal or external communication for the organizational improvement initiative.
  • The Policy defines “Smart Working for the company” from the standpoint of: timeframes – the number of days to be used, the interval; of the work places - and the possibilities for these to be integrated – and whether smart working can be used only within the main company’s facilities or also from home, in co-working, hot desk stations or other branch offices; of the procedures – setting the criteria for the admission of smart workers, and deciding whether they are identified with the top down model or on voluntary basis, and how far in advance should the smart working day be communicated.


Why is the Smart Working Project useful?

Smart Working Project supports the company in defining the Policy that most suits its specific features, making project choices align with the specific production categories, geographic location, size of company, cultural maturity of the organization, quality of the corporate climate and leadership styles adopted.

The policies are not the same for everyone: it is vital to understand whether the company wishes to start off with one smart working day, or integrate the method from the start, into the ordinary organisational tools either with a pilot project of a small group of persons or one immediately extended to the entire corporate staff, or else proceed with a unilateral design to identify the smart projects.


What are the advantages of the Smart Working Project?

The Smart Working Project helps the company identify the best Policy for its characteristics. A correct definition of the policy enhances the success probability of the experiment, cutting down the demands for corrective actions along the way, false expectations and useless investments.


How do you set up a Smart Working Project?

The Smart Working Project consists in consultancy support to the project Team, aimed at defining the corporate Policy, which is a document or design tool that acts as a benchmark for the entire corporate staff and project Team.


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