Smart Working Readiness

Smart Working Readiness When is your Company Ready for Smart Working?

Smart Working Readiness is a questionnaire of 30 items that addresses potential smart workers or the entire corporate staff, and measures the readiness of your company to introduce Smart Working.

Smart Working Readiness relays information on the technological aspects, cultural maturity, and potential savings you can obtain from the introduction of Smart Working Readiness and helps you to understand which areas your company needs to reinforce to make your project a success and your investments earn interest.  Lastly, Smart Working Readiness is the obligatory transition for every company that wishes to avail of a correct smart working policy.

Characteristics of Smart Working Readiness

What is Smart Working Readiness?

  • Smart Working Readiness is an online questionnaire consisting of about 30 items to be filled out by all or some of the corporate staff.
  • Smart Working Readiness measures the readiness of your company to introduce smart working, and gives an estimate of the potential organisational and economic benefits related to the introduction of the new work procedure. Smart Readiness is a useful tool that audits the indispensable requisites for smart working success.
  • Smart Working Readiness investigates the “readiness” level in some areas such as technological maturity from the standpoint of suitability of the tools and their usage, cultural maturity with respect to team collaboration levels, trust between manager and collaborator, and quality of the atmosphere in which the experiment is set. The other areas under assessment is organization, as related to the efficacy of the assessment and communication system, and lastly, the economic aspect related to the quantification of company savings and the potential smart workers (cost effectiveness but also of time, overtime work, travel indemnity and meal vouchers, for example).


Why is Smart Working Readiness useful?

Smart Working Readiness gives a picture of the company “as is,” allowing it to plan correct interventions that ensure the success of the smart working experiment.


What are the advantages of Smart Working Readiness?

It helps the company to design a smart working experiment by highlighting the key elements in the policy. It prevents the company from making useless investments in proposing an experiment that is not compatible with its organisational and cultural characteristics.


How does Smart Working Readiness work?

Variazioni Srl handles the implementation of the survey in collaboration with and on behalf of the client, submits a complete report and ensures technical support in the compilation.

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