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Smart Working Workshop is the solution that executes the Policy through the operations of key corporate figures who have to be taken onboard. The project needs a settling-in phase of an extensive working group that represents the issues to be faced and resolved and a sharing and finalisation phase of the detailed project.  Smart Working Workshop takes the group onboard and guides it by furnishing all the information and indications needed to translate the Policy into training designs, security, mobility, rationalization of work spaces, compensation&benefit, recruitment and attraction, etc.

Smart Working Workshop also supports the company in identifying its Change Agents.

Characteristics of Smart Working Workshop

What is Smart Working Workshop?

  • Smart Working Workshop provides training, involvement, and co-designing with the Working Group identified by the Project Leaders, with the aim of carrying out the defined Policy.
  • The Leader/Owner of the Project, upon carrying out the experiment and systems setup of the flexible work procedure, needs the support and cooperation of the Key Managers of the company, that is, those strategic functions that determine the project’s success.
  • The areas involved in the Smart Working Workshop are those from Information Technology, internal and external Communication, Real Estate, Mobility, Welfare and Work-Life Balance, Security, development and organization, and training. The project requires the competences and support of these functional areas, each of which will draft the policy in a subproject and intervention, as they go “onboard” the experimentation.


Why is Smart Working Workshop useful?

Smart Working Workshop supports the Project Leaders in involving the key managers and stakeholders in the company, who are essential in making the experiment operational, effective and productive. Smart Working Workshop allows the Working Group to align itself with the characteristics of the new work mode, eliminate possible resistance, and increase the heritage of corporate know-how on this theme. Smart Working Workshop helps to immediately bring to light the probable critical factors and obstacles, and remove them through the Project Group’s cooperative work. Smart Working Workshop may address the stakeholders and key figures of the company, and also a Group of Change Agents trained and involved to support the company in the change phases.


What are the advantages of Smart Working Workshop?

Smart Working Workshop allows the company to be able to count on key figures who are familiar with the theme and the project, and who support its implementation.


How is Smart Working Workshop carried out?

Smart Working Workshop is delivered through training, Workshops and mini-events based on the level of know-how to be transferred, or of the contributions and number of target people it intends to gather. It may take half a day in a cycle of three work days, or even be a single-day event.


What are the outputs of Smart Working Workshop?

The outputs of Smart Working Workshop are the executive project for Smart Working in the company and its implementation by the various managers involved.  

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